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Sunday, September 15

thank you god and the Christmas Tree Shop

I've always had a soft spot for the Christmas Tree Shop, but reclaimed crafts has given me another reason to love the store, in conjunction with god.  Those in the know recognize the Tree's love of all holidays, and in keeping with the name, none is more beloved, and celebrated with the production of utter ugliness, than Christmas.  

These trays eventually find their way to tag sales and the side of the road.  I've never had anyone offer to pay me to take them away, but I feel we may be close.  But they are metal, and nice and sturdy, and the perfect size for serving drinks, food or just displaying your tchotchkes, carefully procured from the Tree. 

non-demoninational, I realize
happy carolers!
the happy couple
where paganism and religion collide
what is produced the other 11 months of the year

But wait!  There is hope for the ugly tray.  Thanks to this great tutorial, some beautiful salvaged maps and my outstanding cutting and mod podging abilities, ugly is now beautiful.  Take a look at these beauties, soon to be for sale at the fabulous Knack:

just look at those adorable sail boats!
a creative riff on the capitol
look closely for the sweet adventurers!

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