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Thursday, September 26

broccoli, asparagus, note pads. in that order.

These note pads are inspired by this great project.  The reclaimed crafts twist naturally involved scraps of reclaimed barn wood from our good friends at Berkshire Barns and bead board from an 1800's old farmhouse right around the corner from us in downtown Northampton (it was worth the risk we took trolling around the less-than-structurally-sound barn in which it was stored).  Naturally, this was a great opportunity to use more baker's twine (not reclaimed, but let's pretend I scored it from an auction of bakery supplies from a long-defunct bakery, why don't we). Add organic produce bands lovingly collected for me by good friends, and we've got some good looking note pads!  These guys are headed to Knack, which is where you should be heading if you are lucky enough to live in the Happy Valley.

tag sale score
nice alternative to poly

gorgeous paint layers 



  1. clever idea. where is the keyboard?

    Berkshire Barns, Inc.