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Thursday, October 21

final class, check out this amazing stuff!

The second Reclaimed Crafts workshop is officially over, and we can't believe all of the beautiful projects this time around.  Thanks so much for joining us Mimi, Kathleen, Judy and Paula - hope to see you again!

impromptu mini key holder from leftover bead board

array of gorgeous vintage fabric awaits 
transformation into napkin rings

mid-creation napkin rings

reclaimed glass tile + vintage book = serving platter

gorgeous retro napkin rings

Saturday, October 9

power tools and napkin rings

We're all about craft diversity here at Reclaimed Crafts:

beautiful napkin rings with ribbon, vintage fabric and buttons 

and power tools to create a bill holder with reclaimed bead board
and vintage round clothespins!  well, ok, an electric drill.  but still...

join us in November and December!
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Friday, October 8

getting ready to Twist!

Twist is just around the corner, and we are all about clothespin magnets.  Be one of the first 100 folks to attend Friday night or Saturday morning and get a gift bag filled with all sorts of cool stuff, not the least of which is a clothespin magnet and a discount on your next Reclaimed Crafts class!  As simple as these are, I never get bored making them.  Endless possibilities for materials, quick, beautiful and usable.  What a combination.  See you at Twist, and in the meantime, here's a preview of some of the clothespin magnets.

vintage NY map

old books and music scores

nautical map on bottom
beautiful photos of veggies and fruits on top

scraps of yummy decoupage paper

Saturday, October 2

coasters and platters, oh my

class #3 was a whirlwind of project completion.  oh boy I sound like a lawyer, don't I?  check out these gorgeous coasters and platters made from upcycled glass and ceramic tiles, vintage maps, books and fabric.  everyone is leaving the daily grind behind and doing amazing work!  stay tuned for our upcoming roster of weekend classes at a beautiful studio space at the Arts and Industry Building in Florence.  get a jump start on holiday shopping, and best yet, create your presents instead of buying them!

here's a preview of the next project:  vintage round clothespins on reclaimed bead board from an 1800's house in downtown get upcycled as a dishtowel holder.

olive feet for....

an olive themed serving platter

a set of four coasters made using reclaimed ceramic tiles and vintage fabric, all wrapped up and ready to give as a present

more gorgeous coasters:  decoupage paper as background,
vintage maps as an overlay