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Sunday, October 21

miter box

Can you imagine a more romantic gift than a miter box?  I thought not.  Newly re-obsessed with yardsticks, natch.  Look at those clean cuts!

tray $1 at a tag sale
painted, dressed up, ready to go

elect Francis J. Bud!

Saturday, October 20

burlap AND bakers twine? yes, please

I was nattering around charming Saratoga Springs (by myself, heavenly!) when I saw sweet, simple burlap-covered tea light candle holders.  A must do.  Here's our twist on it:

love the way the stencils look

scraps from our Indigo Coffee Roasters
burlap coffee bag

Guatemala, coffee, New Jersey

more stencils!

fabulous and free fabric

all lit up!

Sunday, October 14

mini clipboards, that is all

Everything is cuter in smaller sizes.  So when I went to the Ashfield Fall Festival (it's like being in a Yankee Magazine article, but you can smell the apple crisp), I snapped up some mini clipboards at the annual crap sale there. 

thanks Larry and Gail...

...and the warehouse crew

At first I thought of wrapping the entire board, but I couldn't remove the clip, and I also liked the idea of some of the board peeking through.  
Very happy with the results, and have now started searching for more boards at the Goodwill and Salvation Armani.  These would be great as creative ways to display small pieces of artwork or photos, and the cookbook one would be great to prop up in a kitchen to hold recipes.  You could also use them to hold to do lists, which is what I used to do in middle school.  Yeah, I was a dork.  And I loved me some clipboards.

ask every woman!

yes, those are two hot dogs, to the
right of "summer"

1950's children's grammar book

color war!
(I checked to make sure it hadn't
morphed into an offensive term)

who doesn't love a great rendering 
of a hedgehog?

(as in voyage)

why can't I figure out how to make this
go the other way?