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Friday, August 19

right brain meets left brain: business card holders

Big, exciting changes in my day job include an office move, which means redecoration!  I splurged (but conservatively (wait, is that an oxymoron?), by shopping at the outlet), and bought a gorgeous striped rug.  Then I thought about all of those great yardsticks I've been collecting, and in the time it took for my husband to pick Gus up from school

Gus, looking like he just stepped off of a 
yacht on Nantucket

I made this adorable business card holder:

check out that rotary phone!

And while I was outside, I couldn't help but snap a few pics of the best looking window boxes my porch has ever seen.  The best part about them is they were not the result of my usual obsessing and planning.  Instead, I got to the garden store so late in the season, I had to take the few remaining healthy-looking annuals.  Stuck those in, then added some gorgeous zinnias from the Florence Farmer's Market, and voila - zen window boxes!

this is actually an old sap bucket I found 
by the side of the road in the hilltowns, sitting atop
a cool old chair scored from a tag sale

Saturday, August 13

thank you cards: big bang for the buck

My mom taught me well:  always send a thank you card.  I've been fortunate to have lots of amazing guest speakers for the class I'm teaching at Smith College this summer, so I had a great excuse to make a bunch of adorable thank you cards using maps, scraps, a vintage dictionary from my friend Laurie and old magazines.

disk harrow.  of course.

locally made strawberry ice cream
(good thing I'm a better crafter than photographer...)

love that car stamp!

from an old new england cookbook

this is my favorite, and the best part is that it went to
my friend's mom whose name just happens to be Buzzy!

crafting + beer = serious creativity

Saturday, August 6

Betty Draper's cocktail coasters at Sticks and Bricks

Seriously, these could have been Betty Draper's cocktail coasters.  You can imagine Don, her Mad Man, coming home from another hard drinking and smoking day at the office, sitting down to a martini, and placing it on these fabulous coasters made from vintage fabric from the 50's and 60's and reclaimed bathroom tiles.  Get your Betty on right now at sticks and bricks.  Put on your best vintage dress and run.  Your mojito needs a resting place.