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Sunday, November 27

a very reclaimed Thanksgiving table

Such a lovely Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, laughter, bowling (yes, bowling, my husband is from the midwest, need I say more), great food and spirits. 

I love the way the table turned out this year.  Lots of neutrals and fall colors with splashes of blue and green from the runner.  Check it out:

love how perfectly the fabric matches the burlap
check out the burlap napkin rings, made with leftover scraps

shorty candlesticks from balusters 
salvaged from a farmhouse in the Valley

my favorite bud vase:  vintage clear bottles 
and beautiful croquet sticks with yellow paint on the edge

create your holiday gifts this year!

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is winding down and the leftovers are almost gone, my thoughts are turning towards holiday gifts.  I love the idea of giving homemade gifts that are actually practical, usable items.  In fact, that's part of what inspired Reclaimed Crafts.  Every year I'd host Craft Day (or the Longest Day of the Year, as my husband called it), and friends would drop by and create stuff to give.  Every year I was reminded of how much I love to craft, and it's even better when you're crafting for someone else.  This year, come craft with us.  We'll provide all of the materials, instruction, and fun vibe in a great location.  You'll leave with beautiful, handmade gifts, and feeling like you've worked your creative muscles.  In a good way.

bud vases from recycled and reclaimed bottles and vintage croquet mallets on December 6th at Sticks and Bricks

table runners and napkin rings from upcycled burlap coffee bags, vintage fabrics and recycled buttons on December 11th at the Arts Industry Building

coasters from upcycled ceramic tiles and vintage fabrics on December 14th at Sticks and Bricks

greeting cards from recycled maps, books, magazines; vintage fabrics and rubber stamps on December 17th at the Arts and Industry Building

trays and picture frames with recycled maps, books, magazines; vintage fabrics and rubber stamps on December 17th at the Arts and Industry Building

Email for more information and to register!

Tuesday, November 15

register for a december class today!

December classes are starting to fill up!  Check out the schedule above and email to sign up.  Give yourself the gift of creativity.  Decide who gets your creation later!

Sunday, November 13

the goods

all the Twist excitement...

all the goods

super hipster table to go 
(70's attache case, legs twist off)
now lives in ct, photos pending

(vintage fabric + 2 over 2 salvaged window)

bud vases, lots of bud vases!
(reclaimed bottles + vintage croquet handles)

table runners 
(reclaimed burlap coffee bags + vintage fabric)
these sold out! contact us for a custom design

business card holders from vintage yardsticks
(also sold out!)

jewel-toned candlesticks from vintage
croquet mallets

candlesticks from salvaged balusters

we heart twist

We had such a blast with you all at Twist this weekend.  We loved chatting with you, watching you take our goodies home with you, and seeing your faces light up when we told you that you, too, can make all of this!  Can you think of a better holiday gift?  We can't.  Sign up for a December workshop today; spots are going fast!  Email me ( to register or with any questions.  We can't wait to craft with you!

Wednesday, November 9

this is not your bat mitzvah menorah

Remember those beautiful vintage wooden spools I scored on the best tag sale-ing weekend ever?

I knew I had to have them, but I didn't know why (story of reclaimed crafts' life, really).  Luckily, the very same weekend my friend Hilary Price (yes, that Hilary Price - my friendship with her may be the closest I get to my 15 minutes of fame.  Oh, wait.  Rachel Maddow was at my wedding.  That must count for something).  But I digress.

Hilary was in a creative mood and is Jewish.  Excellent combination, because look what happened next:

vintage wooden spools + reclaimed yardstick + 
touch of industrial (lug nuts) = one creative menorah!

This one will be for sale at Twist this Friday night and all day Saturday.  So come on down and snap it up, or email me for a special order.  Hanukah's late this year, so you have plenty of time!

Tuesday, November 1

Come Twist with us!

We are counting down the days until Twist!  Twist is, of course, the hippest, coolest craft fair EVER, and this year we'll be selling our gorgeous goods!  Come visit us, buy goodies and sign up for a December workshop.  For a preview of some of the goodies we'll have in stock, check out the last couple of blog posts.  See you there!

Saturday, October 22

can't. stop. making. table runners.

I'm addicted to making table runners out of our reclaimed burlap coffee bags.  In the new batch that I picked up from our great friends at Indigo Coffee, there was an orange one.  This made me very excited, because we have insane orange flowered vintage fabric that I swear my mother must have worn when she was pregnant with me (you do the math).  

And I must say, it's my best one yet.  Check it out here, and then snap it up at Twist!

Thursday, October 20

burlap. oh yes, burlap coffee bean bags

Burlap bags are awesome.  Free burlap coffee bags from wonderful local business Indigo Coffee are even better.  Picking them up and getting a tour and a chat about everything from social justice to coffee to crafting:  best yet! 

We've been holding on to these burlap bags ever since Laurie sped over to Indigo Coffee after seeing their posting on Craig's List, and mulling over the myriad ideas for use.  Finally, with some brainstorming from our good friend and syndicated cartoonist (Rhymes with Orange) Hilary Price, we decided to pair them up with our vintage fabrics to create table runners.  The combination is just stunning.  

Check them out below, and come to Twist on November 11th and 12th and purchase your very own.  They make great holiday gifts!  We're also happy to do custom orders to suit your color scheme and table size.

And/or get crafty and create one yourself!  We'll be doing a table runner and napkin ring workshop on Sunday, December 11th in Florence at Hilary Price's sunny and creatively inspiring studio.  For more info and to sign up, shoot us an email!

a perfect match with my
salvaged barn door dining room table

the green from the burlap bag is a perfect match
with the green from the fabric

I think this is my favorite.  Love the blues, 
and the burlap is so tightly woven, it's like linen

Monday, October 17

cork board workshop

We are so excited to be planning for a private cork board workshop:  cork covered in gorgeous vintage fabric, frames decoupaged with beautiful papers, vintage books and reclaimed gas station maps.  And as if that wasn't enough, pushpins embellished with recycled Scrabble tiles and vintage buttons.  
Email us to plan your own private craft workshop.  You provide the participants, we provide the  expertise, materials and great vibe.  Instead of hitting the mall, hit the Mod Podge and create your holiday presents this year!

vintage Waverly fabric

pattern of floral and checked papers 
mixed with a map from the 1970s (and my feet)

log cabin quilt pattern on the 4 corners

cutest vintage button pushpins ever!

cutest boy ever!

Wednesday, October 12

croquet sets: nose to tail

Remember those croquet sets I've been collecting?  Well, we are going nose to tail with those gorgeous vintage mallets and balls!  Did we mention we'll be selling all of these amazing items at Twist in Northampton on November 11th and 12th?  Because we will.  And we can't wait to see you there.  

Here's a sneak preview:

croquet mallet sticks + adorable blue bottles 
scored from Freecycle = bud vase!

last gasp of the windowboxes

photo holders

recipe card holders

mallet sliced in half = candlestick holders

romantic dinner, candlelight from
croquet mallets

Sunday, September 18

vintage wooden croquet balls + saw = photo holder

It's possible I have a basement full of carefully collected vintage wooden croquet sets.  Ok, it's probable.  My husband might confirm it.  And it's time for Twist, the coolest craft fair ever, so I'm starting to repurpose all of those gorgeous mallets and balls.  Croquet balls, not schweddy balls.  Incidentally, has anyone actually been able to purchase this ice cream?  Our friend Dave has scoured the Valley ("Hi, good morning, do you have schweddy balls?"), to no avail. 

I was inspired to get going on some photo holders when I found the perfect wooden bases at one of my glorious tag sales yesterday.  I'm quite certain they served another purpose, but it's as if they were meant to hold up a croquet ball.  I recognize that these photo holders are even better if you happen to have a ridiculously cute picture of your baby to stick in it.

does it look rakish and fun, or just crooked?

love the faded orange paint

coat of poly finishes it off beautifully

Stay tuned for some hat and dishtowel racks with the mallets and the awesome wooden handles I scored yesterday.

And let's not forget these fabulous candlesticks that Liz from sticks and bricks helped me create: