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Thursday, August 9

new and improved yardstick table

Tooling around on the interwebs last winter, I got inspired to try another yardstick table.  I loved my first one

but I was ready for some advanced cutting and placing.  Both the hardest and most fun part of this was figuring out what pattern to use.  After a lot of messing around, I decided to use the traditional log cabin quilt pattern.  I loved the idea of modernizing such a lovely old pattern.  Reclaiming it, as it were.  

The challenge, which I did not experience with my first table, was the warp of the very old and well-used sticks.  My husband took an electric drill to them and was kind enough to create a pattern with the screws, but I still wasn't thrilled with it, and despite shimming the sticks, it wasn't completely flat.  Hilary suggested epoxy, made famous by the amazingly talented local artist Scout Cuomo.  It worked great, giving the surface a shine that makes the colors of the sticks really pop.  Plus, it was super fun to work with!