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Sunday, January 27

ah, washi tape

I resisted the washi tape craze for so long.  And perhaps I am overstating the interest to describe it as a craze.  Sadly, it's not recycled, it's not reclaimed, it's not free or even close to it.  Whatever.  It's super cute.  And at least the vases I'm decorating are, as they say, post-consumer recycled goods, thanks to Salvation Armani.  They are filled with the lovely narcissus Gus and I grew from bulbs.   

The pennants are inspired by a post on How About Orange.  Have you checked out this amazing blog?  I first stumbled upon it when looking for ideas for paint chips.  I especially love her paint chip boxes.


Sunday, January 20

pennant workshop!

So much fun at our pennant workshop at the Bement School.  Armed with decoupage paper, vintage maps, magazines, buttons, ribbons and all sorts of fun decorative scissors, the girls came up with so many creative ideas.  Check them out!

Interested in a private workshop?  Shoot us an email (  We'll come to you or you can come to us.  It's a great way to pass these cold winter days, whether you're a teenager or an adult.  It's also a great way to celebrate a baby or a bridal shower.

Thursday, January 17

a to do pad you'll want to use

Seriously, this is so cute.  You know we are usually material driven, and create projects that are inspired by our scores.  This time, a sweet notepad DIY caught our eye.  How cute is this?

I even love the photography

We put our spin on it:  baker's twine, a decoupaged pencil, a scrap piece of salvaged barn wood and stamping on the rubber band on the bottom.  Done. 

 fantasy to do list - a girl can dream...

Sunday, January 13

flat washer + paper + stamps = key ring

This is not a new idea. In fact, the interwebs keep telling me how old this idea is.  Whatever, I love it.  
These flat washers are not salvaged, but you know they will be top on my list of things to look for this spring when the flowers and the tag sales start blooming.  This is super fun and super easy.

So far, I've done two:  one for me and one for my dad for his new boat. I know, I know, washers sink.  I've been told.  Apparently he can put something on it to make it float.  When you own a boat, I think sinking keys are the least of your problems.  What I love about his is I managed to find the exact place he docks his boat on a vintage map from my stash.  Stamped with the name of the boat, the "evie", it's perfect.

For mine, I went through my delicious, new stash of beautiful paper and added some inspiration words, so now grabbing my keys to go food shopping is going to be so. much. more. FUN!

one side
and the other
it's an adventure, not a traffic jam!
explore (the feeling of Gus kicking my seat)
fantastic champagne bottle top art,
as a complete aside
emphasis on the adventure

Saturday, January 12

teeny tiny pedestal, perfect for your bonbons

I truly loved creating this little project.  I'm a little obsessed with cake stands after seeing this great cupcake stand using wooden bobbins and vintage pie tins.  I started to think about a mini version that could be used for candy, truffles, jewelry, or, if you have a small child, teeny tiny legos.  Or your bonbons.  Because I know you spend a lot of time lounging around, eating bonbons, and you need a place to display them.

I started with the idea of using some of my beautiful wooden spools to divide the levels.  I just scored a bunch at the Goodwill in Pittsfield.  Who knew?

Then I thought of old CDs, which are everywhere, and can be decoupaged to add some nice color and paper.  It was also a nice excuse to use my fabulous Martha Stewart circle cutter.  She's no joke; I almost cut a circle in my butcher block counter.  But then, we knew that.

Next, a trip to Salvation Armani where I sashayed the home goods aisle, letting them speak to me.  I turned up this sweet little tea cup saucer:

And finally, the perfect topper:  a vintage tartlet tin that my friend Laurie gifted to me some time ago:

What I love about this project is the variety of materials:  paper, plastic, tin, wood and thread.  We've got it all.  It was also super fun to piece it all together, and I will now be on the lookout for smallish round stuff to make more!

full disclosure:  the paper is new

as a jewelry holder
with sweet treats

Tuesday, January 8

travel pin board

I recognize the potential pretentiousness/obnoxiousness, but we thought it would be fun and * educational * to create a travel pin board for Gus.  At first it was simply terrifying, as in, my son just grabbed a thumbtack off of his fun and educational travel pin board and almost tossed it in his mouth.  We quickly removed it from its perch right above his crib and forgot about it for a while.  Now that he is 3, we figure/hope he is old enough to know better.  

There are a million different ways to do and embellish these, but here is my take.  

city, occasion, date
extra credit if you can guess the state
recycled bulletin board + pretty paper +
vintage-y map (forgive me, it's brand new)
you could decoupage maps on the tacks...
or not
the east coast states are so tiny....
lots of thumbtacks in close proximity

love the way the baker's twine looks

Thursday, January 3

slight pennant addiction

Very excited about our pennant workshop at the Bement School in a few weeks!  In the name of preparation, I've been working on pennants, and my, they are addictive.  For Gus' (so sad he has such a short name), I used jute twine instead of the baker's twine I used for the New Year pennant:

I also used the star punch outs from the New Year pennant to decorate it.  Can't let those tiny, tiny stars go to waste.  We are all about recycling here.  The folks at knack would be so proud!

And here's a pretty fabric and felt one I did for a wedding last year: