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Thursday, November 29

New Knack inventory!

We're selling out at the Knack Holiday Pop Up Store, so it was time to make more inventory!  On tap:  trays, trays, trays!  Trays with vintage yardsticks!  Trays with vintage maps!  Trays with vintage cookbooks!  And more of the perennial favorites:  yardstick business card holders and decoupaged clipboards.  

I have acquired my own personal shopper for reclaimed crafts goods, for which I am so grateful!  You'll remember her as the scorer of the original inspiration for reclaimed crafts:  chippy wooden balusters at the curb of an old farmhouse by the Connecticut River.  She's been a huge supporter ever since, and besides religiously hitting the Salvation Army on half-price Wednesdays for us, she recently took a trip to her dad's basement, and oh my, what she found.  Hasko Haskelite trays from the 1950's!  Can you think of a better way to display recipes and drawings from the 1958 Good Housekeeping Cookbook series?  No, you cannot.  I had such a good time making these!

sweet potato volcanoes!

authentic Hasko Haskelite!
check out those beautiful hand-painted
glasses by Tonya Dixon - for sale at
Knack Pop Up!
when those unexpected guests drop in
(cue Jaws music)

cheese dreams and company potato bowls!
Springfield, Northampton, Stamford

all-important hand signals (by state)
check out that rare clip!
dancing food:  always a crowd pleaser
look at those gorgeous colors

Sunday, November 18

finally, a home for those tiny blue bottles

For all of you faithful reclaimed crafts blog readers (and we know you are out there), you will recall some posts about a bunch of tiny blue bottles I scored from Free Cycle, when reclaimed crafts was still a baby.

We'd revisit them every so often, but nothing really stuck (except dust, which had settled nicely on the tops of them while they hung out in my basement).

Well, we never fail to come up with super creative ideas when we are hanging out in my kitchen, having a glass of wine (or 2), and this time around it came together so nicely, we couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to us before.  

We paired the bottles with our beautiful salvaged wood from our friends at Berkshire Barns, vintage clear bottles for the shames,  some industrial hardware to lend some edge and to secure the candles, and voila!

on display at the Knack Holiday Pop Up Shop
look at that beautiful knot!
check out the detail around the shames
each bottle is stamped in case you forget
the number of nights!

Thursday, November 15

goodies and more goodies!

I had such a blast building inventory for the Knack Holiday Pop Up Shop, opening this Saturday!  Check out some of the goodies:

lazy Susan with sweet illustrations from a
Good Housekeeping cookbook from the 50's
(and a pair of candlesticks)
croquet stick picture frame
push pins (from recycled buttons)
totally addictive to make...
croquet mallet candlesticks
candlestick convention
tag sale tray ($1) + vintage yardsticks
croquet stick trivet
(adjust to fit!)
tray with old Eric Carle book + vintage
Finger Lakes map
upcycled jars + recycled burlap + baker's twine =
tea light holders
Goodwill glasses + recycled burlap =
candle holders

Tuesday, November 13

side tables!

When I build these side tables, I feel as cool as Liz from Sticks and Bricks.  

old painter's box scored at a flea market
reclaimed (and painted) legs from a Goodwill table
legs that unscrew = table to go!
decoupage with the guide to painting
found inside the box
short choppy strokes are necessary for rippled surfaces
paint chips!
look at those gorgeous pockets!
flea market freebie + tag sale table
(cut down and painted)

go away
get it?

These guys and much, much more, on sale at the Knack Holiday Pop Up Shop starting this Saturday in downtown Northampton!

thinking globally, acting locally

I've wanted a globe for a while, and not just to do this:

I recently scored this beauty at the Hadley Salvation Armani:

It took forever to score and split, much to my husband's amusement, but I did it, and did it cleanly.  Then I primed the cardboard center, painted it a beautiful ocean blue, and poly'ed it.  Grabbed a piece of salvaged barn wood (thanks, Shaun at Berkshire Barns!), bolted it down, and voila, a bowl!

This, and much, much more, on sale at the Knack Pop Up Shop in downtown Northampton, beginning this Saturday!

Monday, November 12

tennis racquet presses

remember these?

they were used by people like this:

...but not anymore, which means you can pick them up for nothing at tag sales, so naturally I started a collection.  Check out these cork boards with push pins made from recycled buttons.  Like 'em?  Buy one at the Knack Holiday Pop Up Shop starting this Saturday in downtown Northampton!

cork wrapped in insane 70's print fabric

Sears Roebuck!

 play, get it?

push pins with recycled buttons
a buck a pop!