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Saturday, October 22

can't. stop. making. table runners.

I'm addicted to making table runners out of our reclaimed burlap coffee bags.  In the new batch that I picked up from our great friends at Indigo Coffee, there was an orange one.  This made me very excited, because we have insane orange flowered vintage fabric that I swear my mother must have worn when she was pregnant with me (you do the math).  

And I must say, it's my best one yet.  Check it out here, and then snap it up at Twist!

Thursday, October 20

burlap. oh yes, burlap coffee bean bags

Burlap bags are awesome.  Free burlap coffee bags from wonderful local business Indigo Coffee are even better.  Picking them up and getting a tour and a chat about everything from social justice to coffee to crafting:  best yet! 

We've been holding on to these burlap bags ever since Laurie sped over to Indigo Coffee after seeing their posting on Craig's List, and mulling over the myriad ideas for use.  Finally, with some brainstorming from our good friend and syndicated cartoonist (Rhymes with Orange) Hilary Price, we decided to pair them up with our vintage fabrics to create table runners.  The combination is just stunning.  

Check them out below, and come to Twist on November 11th and 12th and purchase your very own.  They make great holiday gifts!  We're also happy to do custom orders to suit your color scheme and table size.

And/or get crafty and create one yourself!  We'll be doing a table runner and napkin ring workshop on Sunday, December 11th in Florence at Hilary Price's sunny and creatively inspiring studio.  For more info and to sign up, shoot us an email!

a perfect match with my
salvaged barn door dining room table

the green from the burlap bag is a perfect match
with the green from the fabric

I think this is my favorite.  Love the blues, 
and the burlap is so tightly woven, it's like linen

Monday, October 17

cork board workshop

We are so excited to be planning for a private cork board workshop:  cork covered in gorgeous vintage fabric, frames decoupaged with beautiful papers, vintage books and reclaimed gas station maps.  And as if that wasn't enough, pushpins embellished with recycled Scrabble tiles and vintage buttons.  
Email us to plan your own private craft workshop.  You provide the participants, we provide the  expertise, materials and great vibe.  Instead of hitting the mall, hit the Mod Podge and create your holiday presents this year!

vintage Waverly fabric

pattern of floral and checked papers 
mixed with a map from the 1970s (and my feet)

log cabin quilt pattern on the 4 corners

cutest vintage button pushpins ever!

cutest boy ever!

Wednesday, October 12

croquet sets: nose to tail

Remember those croquet sets I've been collecting?  Well, we are going nose to tail with those gorgeous vintage mallets and balls!  Did we mention we'll be selling all of these amazing items at Twist in Northampton on November 11th and 12th?  Because we will.  And we can't wait to see you there.  

Here's a sneak preview:

croquet mallet sticks + adorable blue bottles 
scored from Freecycle = bud vase!

last gasp of the windowboxes

photo holders

recipe card holders

mallet sliced in half = candlestick holders

romantic dinner, candlelight from
croquet mallets