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Thursday, May 9

yep, it's a tuna can

This is a true upcycle project.  Not the kind of upcycle project where you have to scour flea markets and tag sales for weeks to find the perfect items.  More like the kind of upcycle project where you grab a bunch of really old clothespins from your growing collection, scrub out the tuna can your husband just ate out of, and get to work.  

I first spotted the idea here, and put my own spin on it.  I dug into my stash of tiny, leftover scraps of beautiful papers and vintage maps, covering both sides of the pin so it would look great from all angles.  

I also covered the can, leaving just the lip uncovered for a little bit of metal.

it's a vase!
no, it's a pencil cup!
or a candle holder!
I love the versatility, and using it as a candle holder is especially nice because of the way the light comes through the clothespins.  You'll have to take my word for it (or make your own and see for yourself!), because I am a crappy photographer.  Yes, even after all of those super duper helpful tips I read about how to photograph your crafts, I still suck.