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Sunday, March 25

spring weather = spring fabrics

Ok, it's really been more like summer weather, but I am certainly not complaining.  The daffs are up and the tulips are not far behind, and it inspired me to paw through my flowery fabrics to create this for a friend's birthday.  Hope she likes it!

Goodwill scores -
the lightweight rectangular and square
trays work best 
 picking the fabrics took the longest...
 finished product with adorable enamelware "vase"

an easy alternating pattern in 2" strips 
a tiny bike stamp on the corner for my
cycling friend!

Monday, March 19

what fun we had!

we had such a great time hosting the craft portion of e's baby shower on sunday.  the project was perfect! easy enough so that the ladies could be social, drink a mimosa and eat some yummy food --all while crafting--but with a huge wow factor when done so that mama left with one incredible gift.

we made e a special keepsake box to hold all of her finished onesies and a card for all the shower guests to sign so that e would know who made which onesie.

don't they look fantastic? can't wait to see them on e's new arrival... in about 5 weeks!

Thursday, March 15

oh party prep!

i'm so excited about e's baby shower on sunday! i spent a good deal of nap time today organizing our ginormous stash of fabric and deciding which were just right to bring to the party. e's friends and family will be making her monthly onesies (like the ones jen made for otto).  so fun! i will be bringing this gorgeous collection of vintage and eclectic fabrics for folks to design with, along with white onesies, directions and assistance. (this project is so easy though! the better to craft and drink mimosas with!) our goal for this and every shower: the new mom gets something beautiful, useful and incredibly meaningful and the guests get the chance to be creative, have fun and give something with their own special touch that mom is totally thrilled to receive.

so here it is. don't show e this amazing stash. some of the real fun is watching jaws gape when they see the beautiful choices.

Sunday, March 11

reclaiming franklin county

I hope the title doesn't make it sound like I am taking over Franklin County.  I have my hands full with Hampshire.  What I mean to say is that Gus and I had a fabulous day scoring treasure  all over the county.  Truly a perfect day.  

We began at The Lady Killegrew at the Montague Book Mill, the most beautiful building in a fabulous location.  I first fell in love with the mill when I waitressed at the Blue Heron in order to support my lawyering habit.  After a tasty treat there (punctuated with Gus' gleeful (and loud) proclamations, "I farted!") we headed up to LOOT: found and made in the seriously up and coming (maybe it's already arrived, even) Turner's Falls.  I've been dying to visit ever since Liz from sticks and bricks (and other hip Northampton people) told me about it.  TOTALLY AWESOME.  Not only did they have cool stuff from weird places, they were super nice to Gus, and gifted him with a golf player + accessories (see below).  The owner of LOOT pegged us for people who love sweet treats, and sent us to the delicious Second Street Baking Company.  I also noticed Holy Smokes BBQ right next to Loot.  Along with the impossibly hip 'vous, what more could a small city ask for?  

We then headed to Joyful Junque (please disregard the unfortunate name - it could not be less cutesy than it sounds, thank goodness).  There was almost literal dumpster diving involved, and our friend Kate was kind enough to keep an eye on Gus who was himself eyeing the dumpster.  It was really a Gus Day, as he got to sit in Mark's truck when he moved the giant dumpster.  It simply doesn't get any better than that.  Ok, enough.  Check out these scores:

yellow and red box?
yes, thankyouverymuch 
serious yardstick booty
stay tuned for the log-cabin pattern
table with yardsticks - almost done! 
 words of widsdom from the now-defunct SIS bank
these were in the burn pile at JJ (!)
ideas for these most welcome 
my favorite part
the cap even says "balls", in case you forget 
what's in there 
you should have seen Gus' face -
"A present, mommy!"
training to be a businessman who
socializes on the green 

Draper shuttle

Draper shuttle + salvaged bottles =
bud vase

Saturday, March 10

the 70's called and they want their fabric back

Is the '70s singular or plural?  Hmmmm.

Periodically we get emails asking if we'd like someone's (or someone's nana's) stash of fabric.  Of course we do.  Recently I was pawing through a box I probably got over a year ago, and came across the most fabulous curtains ever.  They reminded me of being 9.  There, I've dated myself.  They were perfect for putting together a sample burlap coffee bag runner for Monday's table runner and napkin ring class. 

If this inspires you, and you must get your hands on this fabric (there's more, oh yes, there's more), email me now ( to sign up for Monday's class at the fabulous sticks and bricks in downtown Northampton from 6-9.  

For $45, you can take a yoga class down the street, or, you can make yourself a gorgeous table runner with vintage fabric + reclaimed burlap coffee bags from local heroes Indigo Coffee, a set of napkin rings with matching (or non-matching, we won't judge) vintage fabric and recycled buttons, get your creative groove on, and drink a little red wine.  Because wine makes you more creative.

crazy fabric!

candlesticks from salvaged balusters

organic - very important in a table runner

aerial view, shows off the table from a
salvaged barn door + sewing table bases

the kitty cats thumb their noses at 
niceties like table runners

Friday, March 9

welcome to your second month, Otto!

VERY exciting to see the onesies on the actual babe!  Also very exciting to be doing our first baby shower in a few weeks featuring this very project!