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Saturday, September 14

tag sale-ing is not like lawyering

I have had a less than stellar tag sale season.  So much so that I woke up this morning and realized I hadn't even gone on Craigslist or perused the local paper to start my list yet.  

Then I remembered:  tag sale-ing is not like lawyering.  You've got to be zen.  Let go, don't plan, see where the road takes you. Also, why did I forget that the best sales are in the neighboring farm communities where there's more than just a John Deere stashed in that enormous barn?

Seriously beautiful stuff, killer prices.  I'm back in the game. 

instructions included!  circa 1946
the lack of full ball set resulted in
the killer price of $8

it's like a b&b!
vintage ironing board = table or bar
for those who believe reuse should take
no effort whatsoever

where the iron sat
fancy staging, home-grown flowers and
home-made tray
full disclosure:  my mom scored this
awesome bobbin for me at Brimfield,
and the ladder and bald workman
with the hole in his head belong to my son

gorgeous spools = perfect candlesticks
vintage wooden shoe stretchers, $1
E.S.V.'s valise, $4

three of my favorite things, $1/each

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