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Sunday, November 1

random hardware = lovely candlesticks

A few weeks ago, my tag sale partner and I hit a sale that was advertised as a tool and hardware sale.  Our hearts went pitter patter, naturally.  By the time we rounded up piles of random bits and pieces, the entire crowd was helping us brainstorm projects.  I think they found us adorable and slightly crazy, which sounds about right.  My kinda tag sale.  

Both items I scored - hinge springs and tractor axle nuts, or so I am told - lent themselves rather naturally to candlesticks.  All they needed was a good bath and a spray of polyeurethane.  The hardest part of this repurpose was finding 1" diameter candlesticks. Thank god for god - these are actually church candles.  

axle nuts from a Ford
(apparently you can tell from the blue paint)

church candles, no priest in sight

awesome Northampton box as a backdrop!

hinge springs, opines my husband

 criss cross applesauce, 
as my son would say

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