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Sunday, November 8

piano guts!

I've been at my repurposing shenanigans long enough that when friends are, say, dismantling a piano to repurpose the frame into a bar(a piano bar! HAH!), they naturally email me to see if I want the guts.  Of course I do.  And these are such good friends, they had already done the hard work, boxed the keys and helped me load the car. 

Here's the piano frame, which will make a gorgeous bar (I made them promise to send photos when it's done, which I will post):

cute toes!

And here are the innards:

keys, lots of keys


moth proofed, what a relief

conveniently numbered!

I didn't have much time today (the husband working and watching Gus simultaneously, always a harrowing experience), so I started with a simple project using the keyframe, which appears to quite literally frame the keys:

The wood wasn't that exciting, so I took off all of the cute little felt buttons and got to painting.  I then replaced all the cute little felt buttons (because they are cute, and authentic), and created several lovely hangers for keys, tea towels or what have you:

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