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Tuesday, January 8

travel pin board

I recognize the potential pretentiousness/obnoxiousness, but we thought it would be fun and * educational * to create a travel pin board for Gus.  At first it was simply terrifying, as in, my son just grabbed a thumbtack off of his fun and educational travel pin board and almost tossed it in his mouth.  We quickly removed it from its perch right above his crib and forgot about it for a while.  Now that he is 3, we figure/hope he is old enough to know better.  

There are a million different ways to do and embellish these, but here is my take.  

city, occasion, date
extra credit if you can guess the state
recycled bulletin board + pretty paper +
vintage-y map (forgive me, it's brand new)
you could decoupage maps on the tacks...
or not
the east coast states are so tiny....
lots of thumbtacks in close proximity

love the way the baker's twine looks


  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I am in love. Very nice. Chillacothe is in Ohio. It's such a small town. I have relatives there.


  2. Thanks, Shelley, I do, too! Glad you love the blog; happy reading!