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Saturday, January 12

teeny tiny pedestal, perfect for your bonbons

I truly loved creating this little project.  I'm a little obsessed with cake stands after seeing this great cupcake stand using wooden bobbins and vintage pie tins.  I started to think about a mini version that could be used for candy, truffles, jewelry, or, if you have a small child, teeny tiny legos.  Or your bonbons.  Because I know you spend a lot of time lounging around, eating bonbons, and you need a place to display them.

I started with the idea of using some of my beautiful wooden spools to divide the levels.  I just scored a bunch at the Goodwill in Pittsfield.  Who knew?

Then I thought of old CDs, which are everywhere, and can be decoupaged to add some nice color and paper.  It was also a nice excuse to use my fabulous Martha Stewart circle cutter.  She's no joke; I almost cut a circle in my butcher block counter.  But then, we knew that.

Next, a trip to Salvation Armani where I sashayed the home goods aisle, letting them speak to me.  I turned up this sweet little tea cup saucer:

And finally, the perfect topper:  a vintage tartlet tin that my friend Laurie gifted to me some time ago:

What I love about this project is the variety of materials:  paper, plastic, tin, wood and thread.  We've got it all.  It was also super fun to piece it all together, and I will now be on the lookout for smallish round stuff to make more!

full disclosure:  the paper is new

as a jewelry holder
with sweet treats

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