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Sunday, January 13

flat washer + paper + stamps = key ring

This is not a new idea. In fact, the interwebs keep telling me how old this idea is.  Whatever, I love it.  
These flat washers are not salvaged, but you know they will be top on my list of things to look for this spring when the flowers and the tag sales start blooming.  This is super fun and super easy.

So far, I've done two:  one for me and one for my dad for his new boat. I know, I know, washers sink.  I've been told.  Apparently he can put something on it to make it float.  When you own a boat, I think sinking keys are the least of your problems.  What I love about his is I managed to find the exact place he docks his boat on a vintage map from my stash.  Stamped with the name of the boat, the "evie", it's perfect.

For mine, I went through my delicious, new stash of beautiful paper and added some inspiration words, so now grabbing my keys to go food shopping is going to be so. much. more. FUN!

one side
and the other
it's an adventure, not a traffic jam!
explore (the feeling of Gus kicking my seat)
fantastic champagne bottle top art,
as a complete aside
emphasis on the adventure

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