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Wednesday, November 12

lazy susans - there's hardware for that!

I love lazy Susans, and wanted to make them.  So I googled.  And discovered there's actually lazy susan hardware.  America.  Is. Awesome.

in case you didn't believe me

I am a firm believer that you can make a lazy susan out of just about anything that's flat.  So far, I've stuck to flat and round (a film reel, an industrial bobbin, a cheese box lid), but I am eyeing my collection of vintage Parcheesi and Monopoly boards. 

Here's the most recent collection, bound for knack in Easthampton and the Maker's Market at the Parlor Room in downtown Northampton on November 22nd and 23rd.  Come visit me there and grab yourself a susan!

this amazing box from MGM held...

...this film, Marvin Digs
According to IMDB, Marvin Digs is an animated short
Marvin, a teenage ball of fur, who gets the idea to paint the entire city in groovy, psychedelic colors.  You will
not be surprised to know it was released in 1967.

...and with a thick piece of glass on top,
now it's a one-of-a-kind
lazy susan
cheese box lid + salvaged nut and bolt =
turn, turn, turn

industrial bobbin + potato masher handle =
round and round
check out the paint chip notepads on top!

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