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Thursday, August 21

got paper scraps?

Ok, ok, there's nothing reused, recycled or vintage about this sweet project.  But can't we say the paper scraps were salvaged from the recycling bin?  Yes, yes we can.  Also, thank you notes are always a good thing.  Just ask my mom.  Plus pennants. PENNANTS.  With baker's twine.  

Tip of the day:  cut tiny slits on the edges, slide the baker's twine through, and tape it to the back.  

 If you thought you spied a slip and slide 
with double boogies in the background, 
you'd be right

completely gratuitous photo of Gus
serving as a target for mini marshmallows
being shot out of a (wait for it) 
mini marshmallow gun


  1. Why use tongs when we can use a gun? Oh right. Never mind.