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Saturday, October 19

slide and scopes and awesome friends

Much like anything else, it takes a village to populate a repurposing business (hobby, whatever).  After all, reclaimed crafts really started the day my friend and fellow crafter came to Craft Day with a bundle of balusters salvaged from the front of a farm house.  Today's scores fall into the two categories of friends: friends who have been stowing the goods they pulled out of a dumpster in grad school for years, just waiting for the right moment to drop them in your lap, and friends who are just having a tag sale, not even realizing that their $2 microscopes are making your heart all aflutter.

it even has a mirror!

bringing back junior high school
glass art slides, I mean A LOT of
glass art slides
all gorgeous, all different
see?  lots of boxes of slides
plus a small boy, obscured by boxes of slides
even the boxes are pretty!
Ok, now stay tuned for the repurposing.  And if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


  1. Perhaps votive/candle boxes out of the slides - or worked into a border around a lampshade & the solo telescope might make a cool lamp base.