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Sunday, January 10

vintage filing cabinet drawers

My picking buddy and I nipped into Studio Second Canal in Holyoke yesterday for their closing sale.  Boy, what a day! We even got to explore Bruce's workspace, which involved stepping on crates and crawling through a window, which did not deter us one bit.  This photo gives you just a small window into the treasures that were to behold (and does not even include the antique casket stand, which would make a killer coffee table in some hipster Soho loft):

Among my scores were these gorgeous pencil sharpeners (to add to my mom's collection) and the rubber stamp carousels which will soon hold test tubes and become bud vases:

But today, I'm here to discuss these gorgeous vintage filing cabinet drawers, the lot of which we split.  I don't know the precise provenance, but based upon a little Googling, I suspect they lived in a newpaper office.  
they even came numbered!
As you know, it sometimes takes me years to figure out what I'm going to do with some of my finds.  Take my lawn sweeper, for example:

This time, I immediately knew it would perfectly hold 4 rolls of toilet paper + reading material.  Because I'm good like that.