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Sunday, October 25

so much loot at loot

Yesterday's outstanding Pumpkin Fest in downtown Turners Falls presented an excellent excuse to go to Loot, a place that speaks my language.  If you haven't been to Loot yet, for the love of god, go. Loot describes itself as an industrial artifact and handmade goods emporium, and it's that and so much more.  

But today I'd like to talk about test tube holders, because I have lots and lots and lots of test tubes.  Like this many:

Not that I'm complaining.  And I've come up with lots of great ways to use them.

crutch tips, naturally

rubber stamp carousel (also from Loot!)

salvaged table leg

And now that I've scored all this gorgeous barn board, I have several more tricks up my sleeve.

But there is beauty in simplicity, and putting test tubes into a vintage test tube rack acquired from Loot, and using it as a bud vase, is both simple and beautiful.

Barbara thought it wise 
to label her test tube rack

and she was apparently 
in Group II, Table 5

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