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Thursday, March 21

travel journals

I loved these so much the first time I made them, I made a bunch more and am sending them off to sticks and bricks tomorrow.

These are made from almost entirely recycled materials:  the cardboard from hubby's bike race numbers, and buttons and maps collected from various garage and estate sales.  Only the baker's twine is new, but let's pretend it's from an auction of old bakery supplies.  Because it could be.  Oh, and the pretty paper.  But they are leftover scraps, so that's okay.

Sewing these by hand is not difficult, but takes a little elbow grease to get through all of the layers of paper (I used 10 full sheets, for 20 total pages).  The perfect size to tuck in your ruck sack and take with you on vacation.  Or, use it like I do:  jot down creative ideas for later exploration.

sketch book?


cue the beach boys music

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