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Wednesday, November 3

vintage yardsticks + old Ikea table = funky, cool table

I became slightly obsessed with vintage yardsticks.  After the Elephant Trunk flea market and tag sales in Northampton, Florence and Vermont, I finally amassed enough vintage yardsticks to actually do something with them.  I loved the idea of putting them on a perfectly functioning but boring side table to jazz it up, like this.

Being the lawyer-minded person I am, I set out to follow the directions letter by letter, carefully laying out the yardsticks in a pattern on paper before making any decisions.  But Gus does not take long naps, and I really wanted to do this.  So I threw caution to the wind and just went for it.  And they fit perfectly.  I mean perfectly - not a inch of extra room. 

I positioned the yardsticks so the best part was in the center
then used a small handsaw to cut off the excess

it's no power tool, but it's still fun!

non-sequitorial dragon

finished product!

the perfect ending to a crafy day

I have one gorgeous yardstick left over from a bank in Holyoke.  Stay tuned to see what happens to that one!


  1. It looks great. I really like this one. But....nonsequitorial??

  2. looks awesome and the wine and beer are a nice touch!

  3. Only a lawyer would describe a (cute) photo as "non-sequiturial"...

  4. it would've been better if they completely covered the table..